Sunday, June 19, 2011

This is just kinda neat!

A few weeks ago an apiarist from France commented on my article, "A Call to Organic Beekeeping." I was astounded that we might have had an international audience for our little blog. But I didn't realize how international we had become until I looked at the stats just now. People from nine other countries, including India and China, have taken at least a peak at A Natural Beekeeping Blog. Most of the pageviews have been directed at my "Call," leading me to believe that this is a subject that is becoming near and dear to people everywhere.

By the averages, it looks like about 15 or so people visit our site every day (and it's not me - this is the first time I've checked it out since my last post - bad blogger!). It's humbling to know that people stop by, but it's empowering  as well as John and I try to do this little bit to help those lovely pollinators, Apis mellifera, and others that are in danger of disappearing off the face of the earth.

One of the other fun stats was seeing where we get views sourced from. In a very early entry I mentioned an inspiration on why it only took me about two seconds to decide to become a beekeeper when John asked if I was interested. That inspiration came from Allen Estrin's journal on honeys that he had tried from around the globe (for those of you who don't know or don't click on the links provided, Allen is the producer for the Dennis Prager Show, a wonderfully smart conservative AM radio talk show host). If you want to get a literary flavor of how many types of honey bees produce and get your palate dying for the amazing substance, read his journal. But the fun thing for me about Allen's journal besides the honey is that if you Google his name along with honey, our blog is the first thing that pops up after the five sites that directly refer to his work. It's kinda like that 15 minutes of fame that Warhol used to refer to.

I want to thank our regular readers and all of our visitors for giving me the feeling that relating what John and I love doing is worth it. I'd still blog about it, but it's really good to know that people are listening!

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